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Welcome to Troll Hill Studios

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Created Somewhere on the back roads of Vermont....

On a Sunny Hillside in Granville

Architectural Stained Glass projects are made as commissions or studio design/build research and development adventures.

Email us using the link below regarding Commission inquiries, Single Chair-or other-Medallions, Classes, Information or for additional Gift Shop items.

We source our supplies, and a wealth of knowledge, from a wonderful Architectural Glass Shop-and Expert Team, lead by Mentor and Friend, the  incomparable Lawrence Ribbeke. Their Studio and Shop has been around the sun for quite a few trips under the careful eye and hand of Master Craftsperson Emily the Great!

Enjoy! http://ribbeckeglass.com/

Workshop Classes in Stained Glass, and other Architectural Craft Classes, are offered in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont at The Yestermorrow Design/Build School and  are usually available on a semi-annual schedule.

Contact The Yestermorrow Design/Build School for information regarding other practical, interesting, fun classes, certificate programs and  workshops.


April 2021-

Water cut glass projects are coming out of the design studio and are headed to the work bench at the moment.  Mainly Metals in Bristol VT is a great collaborator and has a unique shop!


Custom Architectural Stained Glass Projects


Windows, Doors, Kitchen, Bath

Glass first appeared on sandy beaches, found in the ashes of beacon fires set along the coastlines of the olde worlds.  The Silicon Age began. Today we communicate with machines aweb in silicon around our marbled planet using glass at light speed.  Traditionally, stained/colored glass has been a means to tells stories, set a mood or communicate thoughts and emotions for private and public viewing alike.  Eons later we are still sailing our ships offshore looking for familiar sights.

Liquid glass is made and then formed in many ways: Unique glass blown objects, familiar cast jars, clear and colored sheet glass-which have all persisted for a while now...and will last long into the future. Whole or in shards scattered  light will eternally glint off crystal and glass prism facets and catch one’s eye!  Glass....along the sandy reaches.

I enjoy designing and building architectural glass projects. They capture light and bring it into our homes and special places with a sense of colorful play, projecting images and transforming the space into which the sun and lights shine.

Glass is a great finish material not only for windows and doors but also around the kitchen and bath.  Able to prismatically detail a decor it is also a very durable material that is easy to clean and shines up nicely!  Jewel Quality Glassworks are a great addition to any architectural design or project material list.

Sometimes a little is a lot, and hanging medallions or colorful pendants can add to the flavor of a space in amazing ways!  Our work benches produce various curios along with the commissions and projects that are born there.

Like the palette the glassworks bench offers, this web site will continue to change and evolve, a kaleidoscope to peer thru to see what’s going on at the moment.  Enjoy!

Christian JQ Jaquith.